Watermarking on stone and Image drawing on a stone.

Photo of the girl on the panel of granite Arcobaleno. Picture on a granite or marble look like the built in watermarks and consequently has received the name watermarks on a stone. Contrast of the image on a stone can vary to similarly watermarks. Coordinates of an arrangement and scale of the image of the girl can be set any way.

The image drawing on a stone surface ( Marble ) it is carried out by means of engraving automatic machines of shock action. Preliminary, the put image is entered into the computer by means of the scanner or digital a chamber photo on CCD. Physically, process of drawing of the image is carried out by means of a shock head. This are Watermarking on stone. If it is required to put the image on the big plate a slab granite or marble, Table-tops from marble, the machine tool is established directly on a processed surface of a plate.

The control system of a shock head excludes manual processing and provides the set quality of the image on transfer of semitones with accuracy of a coordinate binding not less than 0.05 mm.

Attention! Booking for drawing of images on granite and marble panels is temporarily suspended because of a considerable quantity of orders. It is possible to direct the forward ordering to the address m.smirnov@petromramor.ru with a subject watermarks on a stone.

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